New AAA Might and Magic Game Ubisoft Shanghai

New Might and Magic AAA Game Reportedly in Development

A new AAA Might and Magic game is reportedly in development at Ubisoft, specifically Ubisoft Shanghai. The last game in the series, Might and Magic X: Legacy, released almost ten years ago back in 2014. The RPG series has been running since the 80s with some players probably familiar with the popular Heroes of Might and Magic RTS spin-off titles as well. According to new information, a new AAA entry is currently in the works.

As revealed by Twitter/X user Kurakasis, the new Might and Magic game is likely titled Might and Magic: Fates. It will seemingly be an open-world game and is claimed to be in development at Ubisoft Shanghai, which worked on previous Might and Magic games as well as assisted in the development of several Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed games.

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According to Kurakasis, Ubisoft Shanghai began hiring for a new AAA Might and Magic title as early as last year. The job listing for World Director suggests that it will also be open-world to some degree. Last month, Ubisoft registered two new domains for the game: and

The game hasn’t officially been announced so we recommend taking all of this with a pinch of salt until we get confirmation from Ubisoft, which shouldn’t be too long considering that the domains were registered only last month.

While the Might and Magic series was never as popular as other Ubisoft titles, it still amassed a cult following since the 80s with each new release. Dishonored developer Arkane Studios was enlisted to “reboot” the franchise with 2006’s Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, a first-person action-RPG that placed a greater emphasis on real-time combat and exploration. Dark Messiah didn’t receive the most favourable reviews at launch but it’s often looked back at now as a cult classic.

Ubisoft is currently working on the pirate adventure game, Skull and Bones, as well as the next major entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, the Feudal Japan-set Codename Red.

Source: Kurakasis

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