New Mods Turn Sifu Into The Matrix Game We’ve Always Wanted

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New Mods Turn Sifu Into The Matrix Game We’ve Always Wanted

A brand new mod for Sloclap’s recent action beat ’em up Sifu basically turns it into The Matrix game we’ve always wanted. A modder has put together a collection of mods on Nexus Mods that transforms the game into The Matrix Reloaded experience, including turning the protagonist into Neo.

These mods compiled by Halfmillz essentially turn Sifu into The Matrix, but paired with the game’s excellent melee combat. This also makes it somewhat faithful to the Matrix trilogy and its martial arts theatrics, which are quite flashy and match Sifu‘s high-octane beat ’em up action.

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If you want Sifu to look and play like The Matrix Reloaded, you’ll need these specific mods:

As you can see, the mods go to some lengths to turn Sifu into The Matrix, down to Neo’s iconic costume from the sequels and even Agent Smith appearing as literally every enemy you fight.

Another mod adds a green tinge to Sifu that replicates the cinematography of The Matrix films. If you want to take it an extra step further, you can also install The Matrix‘s combat sound effects such as punches and kicks taken directly from the films.

The Matrix: Path of Neo attempted similar combat when it released on PS2, Xbox and PC in 2005. However, the game’s clunky gameplay detracted from the experience a bit, though Sifu‘s far smoother gameplay flow makes it a better fit.

Sifu received critical acclaim for its great combat that leans into hand-to-hand martial arts. Since The Matrix films also have their fair share of martial arts, it’s a good pairing and you shouldn’t miss these mods if you have the game on PC.

Sifu is currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC. Check out a demonstration of all these awesome mods working together.

Source: GameSpot

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