New Nerf Rival Curve Blaster Range Can Shoot Around Corners Like Cyberpunk 2077
Nerf Rival Curve Blaster
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Believe it or not but Nerf has made a gun ready for the future. It latest Nerf Rival Curve Blaster range promises to curve around corners letting users shoot their friends who are hiding away like wussies. The new foam gun range includes an adjustable barrel which can twist and turn to change the angle of your shot. Rotating it left lets the foam ball fly towards the left and the right rotation angles the bullet to the right-hand side. There’s also a downward shot so you can shoot people taking cover too.


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Before you go out and buy one of these you need to know that Nerf’s marketing for the gun is highly overdramatized. The advert sees the bullet curve almost in a ninety-degree slant as it travels around the corner. This is actually not the case. According to multiple YouTube videos, while the gun does indeed curve the bullet it is far from the angle Nerf advertises. You can’t shoot around a pillar and knock a can off a barrel that is what I am trying to say. Here’s an advert for the Nerf Rival Curve Blaster.

Nerf already implements some pretty cool mechanics into its guns including a hop-up effect that spins the ball as it leaves the barrel making it float in the air for greater distance. This was previously achieved by a part of the gun called a hop-up. However, the new guns have that adjustable hop-up version of the attachment which means the bullets can now take advantage of the barrel. This means that if you see a Nerf gun on the market boasting a “curved shot” then you can enjoy shooting around corners. Here’s a video of the gun in action:

Hasbro says that the new Nerf Rival range will be available starting in March in the United States. As for the Nerf Rival Curve Blaster South Africa release date? I don’t know when they will land in the country as I don’t deal with Hasbro. Hopefully, they won’t break the bank when they do arrive.






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