Nintendo Announces Updated Switch Console With Improved Battery Life
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Nintendo plans on rolling out a new Switch console with a couple of improved internals. While the design of the console is the same, the new model will have a greatly-improved battery.

The new Nintendo Switch console will live alongside the other recently-announced Nintendo Switch Lite but will be the only one of the two you can dock and play on a TV.

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New improvements include a maximum of 9-hours of battery life. Up from 6.5 on the previous model. You will be able to get anywhere between 4.5 and 9 hours compared to 2.5 and 6.5 hours out of the new Nintendo Switch battery. Quite a big difference over the original model for sure.

Be careful though as the new model looks exactly the same as the original so you will need to look for the serial number that states model HAC-001 (-01) with a serial number starting with XKW.

Nintendo Switch

The new model will be sold at the same price tag as the original and it will do everything you expect it to do. We have not received confirmation whether or not the new Nintendo Switch CPU will give the console any enhancement over the other or if it is only designed to be a more power-efficient chip. This allowing for the increased battery life. We are awaiting word on whether or not this is the case.

Of course, Nintendo has not officially stated whether or not the new model will come with any other improvements such as storage and display, but according to the official site and specs, the only difference between this model and the last one is the battery life.

Good news for new adopters of the Nintendo Switch as this would be the ideal model to go for. The battery life difference is quite substantial and will make your portable gaming sessions and travelling with the device last that bit longer.

Hopefully, we will see the older model go down in price for a bit while Nintendo begins rolling out this new improved Nintendo Switch console around the world.

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