New Nintendo Switch to Feature Samsung OLED, 720p Handheld and 4K Docked Resolutions
"It is arriving this holiday"
Nintendo Switch 4K OLED
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We know that Nintendo is working on a new Switch console set to release sometime later this year. However, details are still scarce on the new hardware which according to previous leaks will be the company’s “Pro” device. It will not only feature a slightly different design but internally, the new Nintendo Switch will pack some impressive power.

According to a new report, the console aims to deliver more of an FPS and resolution boost than actual visual upgrades across certain games. This means that instead of seeing more grass in the distance, users will see the same image as the regular Nintendo Switch but with a crisp resolution and frame rate.


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According to Bloomberg, the biggest selling point on the console at the moment is the 7-inch Samsung OLED panel. It will provide 720p visuals when playing handheld but will most likely boost the frame rate of the games where possible. When users plug their console into the dock, this is when the new Nintendo Switch will output 4K to supported TVs.

Industry analyst and senior editor at Game Informer claims that the new Nintendo Switch dev kit is already out in the wild with developers actively working on games while enhancing older ones for the console.

Again, it has been reiterated that the upcoming hardware will not replace the current Switch and Switch Lite. It will simply offer a performance boost similar to Microsoft’s approach to the Xbox One X.

New Nintendo Switch Release Date

Reports also claim that Nintendo is targeting a holiday 2021 release window for the device. Last we heard, it was meant to release in Q1 2021. However, the ongoing covid-19 pandemic has caused issues in the manufacturing and development of the hardware.

By the sound of the leaks, Nintendo won’t be going the AMD route for the SoC which may help them when it comes to stock availability. Instead, the chipset will likely be a Realtek UHD Multimedia SoC. PC, PS5, the Xbox Series X users are currently facing stock shortages due to the lack of AMD chipsets on the market. Adding the new Nintendo Switch to the equation would just make things worse.

Source: ResetEra / Twitter / Bloomberg

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