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New on Netflix in September 2019 – Spider-Man, The Politician and More

The Netflix September 2019 content has something new and exciting for everyone. There’s some great new shows and movie coming your way and some oldies too if you have not seen them.

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Some highlights include The Politician, Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man Homecoming and the anticipated Black Lightning. Take a look at all the new content on Netflix this September 2019.

1 September 2019

Modest Heroes – Ponoc Short Films Theatre – Netflix Original Series

Two underwater siblings surviving on their own. A boy with a serious egg allergy. A man invisible to the rest of society. Three short animated tales.

Black Lightning Season 1

Dirty Dancing
Spider-Man 3

6 September 2019

Despicable Me 3

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: Season 3 – Netflix Original Series

Now living and working in LA, Jack hopes to convince a reluctant Michael to move to the U.S. by showing him what the American West has to offer.

The Spy – Netflix Original Series
Elite: Season 2 – Netflix Original Series

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In the wake of a classmate’s death, a student vanishes, allegiances shift, new friends join the drama, and dark secrets become too difficult to contain.

Hip-Hop Evolution: Season 3 – Netflix Original Documentaries

Tupac, Biggie, Lil’ Kim and Jay-Z blaze a trail into the ’90s as insiders sling the straight-up truth on the culture’s most iconic rappers and rhymes.

Archibald’s Next Big Thing – Netflix Kids & Family

Archibald is an extraordinary young chicken who lives in the moment and “yes-ands” his way through life. Inspired by the acclaimed children’s book.

7 September 2019

Spider-Man: Homecoming

10 September 2019

TERRACE HOUSE: TOKYO 2019-2020 – Netflix Original Series

Six strangers share a fabulous house in Tokyo, looking for love while living under the same roof. With no script, what happens next is all up to them.

In the Shadow of the Moon 

In 1988, Philadelphia police officer Thomas Lockhart (Boyd Holbrook), hungry to become a detective, begins tracking a serial killer who mysteriously resurfaces every nine years. But when the killer’s crimes begin to defy all scientific explanation, Locke’s obsession with finding the truth threatens to destroy his career, his family, and possibly his sanity. Directed by Jim Mickle and also starring Michael C. Hall and Cleopatra Coleman, IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON is a genre-blending psychological thriller that examines the power of time, and how its passing can either bring us together or tear us apart.

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger – Netflix Original Comedy Specials

Bill Burr unloads on outrage culture, male feminism, cultural appropriation, robot sex and more in a blistering stand-up special shot in London.

Evelyn –  Netflix Original Documentaries

A man and his two siblings take an epic walk from Scotland to London to find peace and acceptance 12 years after their brother’s death by suicide.

12 September 2019

The I-Land – Netflix Original Series

Wiped clean of memories and thrown together, a group of strangers fight to survive harsh realities — and the island that traps them.

Explained: Deep Dive: Mindstates – Netflix Original Documentaries

Extremely expensive supercars take on massively modified undercover speed demons, including Hondas, Fords, Oldsmobiles and even a Mini Cooper.

12 September 2019

Top Boy – Netflix Original Series

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13 September 2019

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato – Netflix Original Series

Ikoma and the Iron Fortress take their fight to the battlegrounds of Unato, joining the alliance to reclaim the region from the kabane horde.

Unbelievable – Netflix Original Series

Based on real events, a teen reports and eventually recants her reported rape, while two female detectives, states away, investigate evidence that could reveal the truth. 

The Ranch: Part 7 – Netflix Original Series

While Colt tries to reconcile with Abby, Beau navigates the challenges of aging and Luke seeks his family’s forgiveness.

Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea – Netflix Original Documentaries

In this documentary, Chelsea Handler explores how white privilege impacts American culture — and the ways it’s benefited her own life and career.

The Chef Show: Volume 2 – Netflix Original Documentaries

Jon Favreau trades in his director’s chair for an apron as he embarks on more food-filled adventures with his friend and culinary mentor, Roy Choi.

Tall Girl – Netflix Kids & Family

Tall Girl is the 2019 Netflix original comedy about Jodi, the tallest girl in her school, who has never quite felt comfortable in her own statuesque skin. All of that changes when she falls for the handsome (and equally tall) foreign exchange student Stig who, of course, gets Jodi’s quirky, best, male friend, Dunkleman, and his hippie mom as a host family. As a result, Jodi gets embroiled in a surprising love triangle, which helps her realize she’s far more than her insecurities about her height have led her to believe.

15 September 2019

Los Tigres del Norte at Folsom Prison( Los Tigres del Norte en la Prisión de Folsom)  – Netflix Original Documentaries

On the 50th Anniversary of Johnny Cash’s famous prison concert, Los Tigres del Norte return to Folsom prison to tell stories through music.

Netflix September

17 September 2019

The Last Kids on Earth – Netflix Kids & Family

When zombies and monsters invade his hometown, a scrappy boy teams up with his friends to survive the apocalypse. Based on the popular book series.

18 September 2019 :

A 3 Minute Hug – Netflix Original Documentaries

This documentary captures the joy and heartbreak of families separated by the U.S.-Mexico border sharing a short but bittersweet reunion in 2018.

20 September 2019 :

Criminal: France, UK, Germany, Spain, UK  – Netflix Original Series

This revolutionary procedural comprises 12 unique stories set in 4 different countries: France, Spain, Germany and the UK. It takes place exclusively within the confines of a police interview suite. This stripped down, cat-and-mouse drama focuses on the intense mental conflict between detectives and suspects.

Disenchantment: Part 2 – Netflix Original Series

High-spirited Princess Bean walks through hell to save a friend, learns about a mystical destiny set for her, and helps restore her father’s kingdom.

Fastest Car: Season 2 – Netflix Original Series

Netflix September

Extremely expensive supercars take on massively modified undercover speed demons, including Hondas, Fords, Oldsmobiles and even a Mini Cooper.

Las del hockey – Netflix Original Series

The passionate members of a women’s roller-hockey team strive to keep their team afloat.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie – Netflix Film
Netflix September 2019

Zach Galifianakis dreamed of becoming a star. But when Will Ferrell discovered his public access TV show “Between Two Ferns” and uploaded it to Funny or Die, Zach became a viral laughing stock. Now Zach and his crew are taking a road trip to complete a series of high-profile celebrity interviews and restore his reputation. Directed by Scott Aukerman, BETWEEN TWO FERNS: THE MOVIE is a laugh-out-loud comedy that gives new insight into the curmudgeonly, beloved outsider Zach Galifianakis has created over the years.

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates – Netflix Original Documentaries

From Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient

Team Kaylie – Netflix Kids & Family

After a brush with the law, teenage celebrity billionaire Kaylie Konrad is court-ordered to lead an inner-city wilderness club.

24 September 2019 :

Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself – Netflix Original comedy special

A new standup special from ventriloquist comedian Jeff Dunham.

25 September 2019 :

El recluso – Netflix Original Series

An ex-Marine poses as an inmate inside a Mexican prison in order to infiltrate a gang suspected of kidnapping a U.S. judge’s teen daughter.

Glitch: Season 3 – Netflix Original Series

More people rise from the grave and old friends become new threats as the mystery — and danger — intensifies in Yoorana.

Abstract: The Art of Design: Season 2 – Netflix Original Documentaries

From Executive Producer Morgan Neville, Abstract, a Netflix original docu-series, takes you beyond blueprints and computers into the art and science of design, showcasing great designers from every discipline whose work shapes our world. Go inside the minds of the world’s greatest design

Birders – Netflix Original Documentaries

Border walls are no barriers to birds — or the people on both sides fighting to protect them.

26 September 2019

Explained: Season 2 – Netflix Original Documentaries
Netflix September
Explained S2

The billionaire boom. Athleisure wear. The lure of cults. Explore current events and social trends with this compelling, celebrity-narrated series.

27 September 2019

Vis a vis: Season 4 – Netflix Original Series

A new director and a jailer-turned-inmate arrive at Cruz del Norte. Zulema is reunited with a long-lost relative, while Sole gets life-changing news.

Skylines – Netflix Original Series

In Frankfurt, a young and gifted hip-hop producer gets the chance of a lifetime when he signs with Skyline Records. But the worlds of music, organized crime and high finance collide when the label owner’s gangster brother returns from exile to claim his share.

The Politician – Netflix Original Series

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Payton Hobart (Ben Platt), a wealthy student from Santa Barbara, California, has known since age seven that he’s going to be President of the United States. But first he’ll have to navigate the most treacherous political landscape of all: Saint Sebastian High School. To get elected Student Body President, secure a spot at Harvard, and stay on his singular path to success, Payton will have to outsmart his ruthless classmates without sacrificing his own morality and carefully crafted image. Full of comedy and sly satire, Ryan Murphy’s The Politician offers a rare glimpse into just what it takes to make a politician.

Bard of Blood – Netflix Original Series

Kabir Anand is settling into his new life as a Shakespeare professor in the remote mountains of Panchgani when a call from the PMO thrusts him back into the world he is trying to forget. A brilliant agent who served under the recently murdered Sadiq Sheikh, Kabir was expelled from RAW because of a disastrous mission in Balochistan ten years prior. Kabir must now revisit those ghosts, avenge his mentor and face his deadliest enemies back in Balochistan while racing against time to save both his country and his long lost love. Based on the book by Bilal Siddiqui, the series is scheduled to launch in 2019 on Netflix.

El marginal: Season 3 – Netflix Original Series

A cop goes undercover in a tough prison while looking for the daughter of a powerful judge who’s been kidnapped by a gang.

Dragons: Rescue Riders – Netflix Kids & Family

In the new Netflix original series, Hiccup and Toothless lead the Dragon Riders as they soar beyond the borders of Berk and discover the mysterious Dragon eye — an ancient artefact filled with secrets that will lead them to new lands filled with undiscovered dragons. But the heroes find themselves pursued by marauding dragonhunters, who will stop at nothing to seize the power of the Dragon Eye.

28 September 2019

How to Get Away With Murder Season 5

29 September 2019

Tiny House Nation: Volume 2 – Netflix Original Series

Host John Weisbarth and expert Zack Giffin hit the road to meet aspiring tiny homeowners yearning to build small with maximum ingenuity and style.

30 September 2019

Mo Gilligan: Momentum – Netflix Original Documentaries

Comedian Mo Gilligan blends smooth moves and sharp humour as he riffs on humble beginnings, family dynamics and the complex art of dancing in the club.

Netflix will no doubt add more content to the platform in September which is not listed here but for now, this is most of what you can expect to watch. What are you planning on watching on Netflix in September? Let us know down in the comments below.

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