Pikmin 4

New Pikmin 4 Video Teaches You Everything About Pikmin

Nintendo has released a new video for Pikmin 4 to teach players everything they need to know about Pikmin. For those who don’t know, Pikmin 4 releases on 21 July and is Nintendo’s next big game for Switch. It is the follow-up in the series and changes a lot of what we already know from the franchise.

For starters, instead of playing as Captain Olimar, who has been the protagonist in the series since the original game, players now take on the role of a custom character.

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Outside of that, the gameplay in Pikmin 4 looks very much the same and that’s okay. Players gather Pikmin, which are cute little plant creatures that are stronger in numbers. Players find them around the game, pick them and utilize their abilities to get around, find objects and solve puzzles.

Different Pikmin have different strengths and weaknesses. Red Pikmin are fireproof while Ice Pikmin can freeze stuff. This means when the game throws a challenge your way, you need to make sure you’re ready to tackle it knowing which Pikmin you have with you.

Of course, while you’re gathering Pikmin and overcoming the challenges around the game, you’re also exploring the many locations that are designed after real-world areas. The only difference is that players are small little creatures and the locations overshadow them. This opens up exciting ways to explore the world and take on the obstacles in the way.

If you want a quick overview of Pikmin 4, check out the video below. Pikmin 4 is out on 21 July only on Nintendo Switch.

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