PlayStation Shooter IP Alpha Footage Leaks
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New PlayStation Shooter IP Alpha Footage Leaks

Alpha footage of a new, unannounced sci-fi shooter IP from PlayStation has leaked online along with several details about the mysterious project. While the leaked clip only lasts a few seconds, it gives us a good idea of the game’ sci-fi setting and third-person perspective. This leak comes in light of PlayStation pushing to develop more live-service titles this generation and going by the early information, it seems likely that it will contain multiplayer.

According to the first details provided by known leaker Dusk Golem and other sources, the game is a sci-fi RPG being built in Unreal Engine 5. It’s also being developed with XDEV in partnership with another studio. This studio hasn’t been named yet, though we do know that the company is likely based in Europe. Additionally, due to the rough state of the leaked footage, Dusk Golem claims that it’s an old build.

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The leaker goes on to mention that they’ve already seen the game in a newer build, complete with voice acting, music and improved visuals. However, he also mentions that he’s unsure if the final product will ever be released or not. In addition to these details, the leaker also describes it as a “very ooey, gooey game” and that it will make sense once we see proper footage:

“Decided to read people’s reactions. ‘Ooze’ is a nickname I attribute to the project rather than what it’ll be called, the nickname will make more & more sense when people see more of this whenever they do, it’s a very ooey, gooey game, more than this clip even suggests.”

The few seconds of leaked footage shows a futuristic setting with the player, donned in appropriate sci-fi gear, approaching a ledge overlooking a structure being scaled by a massive creature. In the distance, we see the background lit up with what appears to be a supernova of some kind. It still looks PSP-esque in terms of graphics but for an alpha build, we can surely expect that to be improved by the final product.

As with all rumours and leaks, take this with a pinch of salt. We won’t embed the leaked footage but it can be found in the source link below (which might be removed soon).

Source: Reddit (via Icon-Era)

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