New PlayStation Store Leaked, Share Factory Studio Coming to PS5
PlayStation Store Share Factory PS5
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Any day now Sony will press a button and launch its new PlayStation Store experience. The web store is set to feature a complete redesign as well as the removal of PS3 and PS Vita content. According to Sony, the store is meant to go live sometime between the 20th and the 21st of October. However, the new layout and design leaked confirming a few new PlayStation Store details including Share Factory Studio for the PS5.

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First off, the new PlayStation Store is cleaner than before and features the same white design we have seen in the past on Sony’s new Game Library page. Of course, the below-leaked image will look different depending on your region and the content available in it.

Along with the PlayStation Store layout, we can confirm that Sony plans on releasing Share Factory Studio on PS5 and it is a free download. Share Factory is a powerful video editing and content creation tool introduced on the PS4. It seems the tool is making a comeback for PS5. Sony has yet to share any details on the app. However, the new PlayStation Store listing revealed the app is free and supports the PS Camera and a Singstar microphone.

So when can we expect the new store to launch? Well, according to ResetEra, Sony is launching the store on 21 October 2020. This is when the PS3 and PS Vita content will be removed from the current marketplace and replaced with PS4 and PS5 games only. This also means users are able to pre-order PS5 games. Up to now, that has not been possible in all countries.






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