New Pokemon Live Action Series “PokéTsume” Actually Looks Cute

PokéTsume is the next upcoming live-action adaption from the Pokemon series. While the series currently has no plans to release outside of Japan, you should definitely keep an eye on this. Described as a “Japanese Pokemon Drama” the first trailer reveals Madoka Akagi (Nanase Nishino) and how her life is changed thanks to a handful of classic Pokemon games she gets gifted by her mother.

Madoka is a young woman from Japan’s Kanto region (the actual Kanto region which inspired the same Kanto region in the Pokemon series). After graduating college, Madoka finds herself moving to Tokyo and finding her dream job. However, things aren’t what they seem. Madoka slowly realises that this dream job isn’t anything like she imagined and the working world (and being an adult) really blows.

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Madoka gets roped into doing a presentation for her company which puts a lot of weight on her shoulders. If anything, she seems incredibly overwhelmed by this. That is when she receives a package from her mother containing the GameBoy and a copy of Pokemon Red.

The PokéTsume trailer focuses less on the battling and collection of Pokemon Madoka undertakes during her time with the game and more on the ‘comfort’ she discovers while playing it.

PokéTsume seems to blend Madoka’s real-world life into the video game. For example, she has a rival in her job which is a perfect example of Gary in the video game. If anything, Modak’s constant reference between the game and the world around her will be an interesting takeaway from the show.

It is also cute to see Madoka playing GameBoy while her friends are jamming the latest Pokemon games on Nintendo Switch.

As mentioned before PokéTsume doesn’t plan to release outside of Japan but you’ll likely be able to watch a dubbed or subtitled version somewhere down the line. It is not so much a “live-action” adaption but more a journey of a Pokemon fan as they transition into adulthood. Something we can all relate to.

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