Nintendo hosted a content-packed steam where the company showcased some of the upcoming projects in the series. The announcements ranged from great to strange as the game lineup featured a new Pokemon Snap game, puzzle game Cafe Mix and strangest of all, a toothbrushing app.

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First off the good news. Nintendo will be bringing the Pokemon Snap series to Switch for the first time. The original game released way back in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 and it is about damn time we got a new one. For those who don’t know, Pokemon Snap is an on-rail game where players move about stages and have to take photos of monsters. You can also toss treats at them to lure them out to snap your perfect shot.

The reveal trailer showcased some of the latest Pokemon in the series as well as some old ones too. The monsters seem to be living in peace as the camera rolled through the environment and the player took photos of them. I know it sounds boring, but Snap was a fantastic game back in the day.

We then have Pokemon Smile which is a new free toothbrushing app designed for kids. The app has been developed to help teach kids how to brush their teeth and develop good habits while doing so. Kids can brush their teeth while catching Pokemon and completing other mini-games.

As for Pokemon Cafe Mix, players take on the role of a cafe owner. Players need to link Pokemon icons to earn points and complete puzzles which in turn crafts new drinks and snacks for your customers. You can hire new staff with special perks and abilities as well as expand your cafe with new extensions and equipment. Cafe Mix will be a free-to-start game releasing on Nintendo Switch and mobile. It is rolling out from today.

Nintendo made some other announcements during the stream including Mega Evolution Pokemon arriving in the GO series, as well as touched on the newly-released Sword and Shield expansion. You can watch the full reveal video down below;

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