New Portal 2 Update Released Improving the Local Co-op Multiplayer Experience
New Portal 2 update Valve Steam
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In September this year, Valve surprisingly released a new Half-Life 2 update and fixed an NPC blinking issue that has plagued the game for more than five years. Today, it is Portal 2’s turn as a new Portal 2 update has been released, improving the local co-op multiplayer experience.

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The new Portal 2 update was released on Steam alongside the new Steam sale and the launch of the Remote Play Together feature. The biggest addition in the new Portal 2 update is that you can now play local co-op with one player using a controller and the other a mouse and keyboard combo, making it easier than ever to enjoy some Portal 2 local co-op.

With the release of Remote Play Together, it is also now possible to play Portal 2 in split-screen co-op with someone over the internet who doesn’t even own the game. Check out the details of the new Portal 2 update from Valve below.


  • Fixed an issue where in-game audio caption language would use the system language setting instead of the Steam language setting.

Controller support:

  • Improved camera control through Steam Input – the sensitivity scale has changed so you may need to increase your configuration’s sensitivity.
  • Add local coop support for one controller player and one Mouse/Keyboard player.
  • Add local coop support from the community coop map queue. Quickplay is still not supported.
  • Fix XInput related options being hidden when connecting a Steam Input enabled controller using a Gamepad configuration.
  • Fix the challenge mode screen not having enough footer buttons available through Steam Input.
  • Fix several more bugs where the incorrect action set could be set in Steam Input.
  • Fix several cases where having a controller connected but not active would affect the glyphs and settings screen options.

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Do you still play Portal 2 and will you give it a shot with Remote Play Together on Steam? Let us know in the comment section below.






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