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New Prince of Persia Game in The Works From Dead Cells Dev – Report

A new roguelite Prince of Persia game is reportedly in the works from the team behind Dead Cells. According to a new report from Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, it will hit Steam Early Access later this year and will receive plenty of free updates based on community feedback.

Dead Cells developer Evil Empire is reportedly working on this new roguelite Prince of Persia game, according to Henderson. It’s seemingly titled “The Rogue Prince of Persia.” The leaker adds that the game has already been in development for about four years now after Evil Empire met with Ubisoft at GDC in 2019. The game’s art direction will also be heavily inspired by Franco-Belgian comics.

Not much else is known about The Rogue Prince of Persia, though Insider Gaming believes that will be announced for Steam Early Access on PC later this year.

Ubisoft launched Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown earlier this year to mostly positive reviews, with many outlets and fans praising the franchise’s return to its challenging side-scrolling roots, complete with hard-as-nails boss fights and tricky traversal and puzzle sections (read our full review here). It seems like Ubisoft is banking more into the Prince’s humble side-scrolling beginnings with The Lost Crown and, if the gameplay for Dead Cells is anything to go by, this rumoured roguelite title as well.

That said, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake is still in development at Ubisoft. Last November, the company revealed that the remake had passed an “important milestone in development”, though there’s still no word about a release date. The game was initially revealed in September 2020 but the announcement trailer was met with heavy backlash, mainly criticising its poor visuals. It’s still nowhere to be seen, though we imagine Ubisoft went back to the drawing board after taking the criticism to heart.

Source: Insider Gaming

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