New Nintendo Switch “Pro” Console Reportedly in Development

"Better display and more powerful internals."

Nintendo will launch a new Switch “Pro” hardware model next year according to multiple manufacturing sources. Tapei-based newspaper Economic Daily News claimed today that the new Nintendo Switch would enter production later this year planned to launch in Q1 2021.

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According to the publication, the new “Pro” Nintendo Switch model will feature a list of upgraded components and “interactivity”. For one, the company is said to improve the display of the device. If this is just a brighter, crispier display we don’t know. However, we doubt the company will jump into the 4K display department.

In addition, the new Switch will include beefed-up hardware too. Nintendo may improve the device’s CPU as well as internal storage to include faster load time.

According to an engineer close to the project, the console’s version 10.0.0 firmware refers to a new “nx-abcd” hardware model. The current Nintendo Switch firmware already refrences the codename for the Pro model. Similiary to how the Lite was referenced in the 2019 firmware before the announcement of the console was made.

Way back in 2018 we heard rumours that the company would work on three Switch console versions throughout the device’s lifespan. This new Nintendo Switch Pro edition makes sense given the hardware’s current life. While the current versions are not that old, perhaps Nintendo wants to give the device a power boost to sit alongside the PS5 and Xbox Series X next year.

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