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New PS1 Classics Won’t Require PlayStation Plus Subscription to Play

PlayStation recently added a few new PS1 classics to its Premium (or Deluxe) catalogue including The Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms 2 and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. These titles seemingly no longer require the highest PlayStation Plus subscription tier to play as they can now all be purchased individually.

The Legend of Dragoon was the first game to be spotted as purchasable and it’s currently going for R179 on the PlayStation Store. Wild Arms 2 is the same price – in fact, you’re able to buy the original Wild Arms and Wild Arms 3 as well.

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When Sony first announced the new tiers of PlayStation Plus, the PS1 classics catalogue was mainly locked behind a subscription and the only way you got to experience those titles was by purchasing a pricey Deluxe subscription. That’s not the case anymore as several users are noticing the PlayStation Store quietly being updated to include the option to buy PS1 classics outright now.

One quick glance at the store will show that a handful of new PS1 classics can now be bought but not every title from the catalogue is currently available to purchase, though we imagine that might change soon. Sony has yet to provide a statement on this meaning that the price tags being added are intentional and not the result of an error or bug.

If you’re looking to play these PS1 classics then you can without needing to subscribe to PlayStation Plus’ highest tier. You’ll still need to buy the games but luckily they’re not too expensive. The Wild Arms JRPG series is especially nostalgic for many players but The Legend of Dragoon is a must-play if you missed one of the best games of the PS1 generation. Hopefully we’ll begin to see more of the catalogue appear as purchasable in the next few weeks.

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