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New PS5 Console Revision is Another 300 Grams Lighter

Sony is quietly shipping a new PS5 console around the globe ahead of the company’s new price hike for the hardware. Yesterday, we reported that the new PS5 console was listed at retail stores in Japan but it seems that some regions already have the hardware available for purchase. In Australia, users have spotted the new PS5 console in the wild.

The new PS5 console revision is listed under the hardware codes CFI-1202B for the Digital Edition and CFI-1202A for the disc model. By the look of things, everything inside these consoles is exactly the same so far but according to the first report, the hardware is now an additional 200 grams lighter than the second console revision.

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If you recall back in 2021, Sony released a new revision of the PS5 console which drastically cut out a large chunk of the heatsink on the unit. Back then, the console also came in at a much lighter weight. Sony cut 200 grams out of the digital model and 300 grams out of the disc model. The company has done the same thing with the new 1200 series units.

According to Press Start AU, retailers at EB Games and JB Hi-Fi confirmed the new models have repeated the same weight reduction. This means the consoles are now 500 and 600 grams lighter than the original PS5 models which were released back in 2020. The weight is now the following:

  • PS5 Disc Model (CFI-1202A) – 3.9Kgs / 600g lighter
  • PS5 Digital Edition (CFI-1202B) – 3.4Kgs / 500g lighter

This now means that the Disc Model PS5 console weighs the same as the Digital Edition at launch which is a substantial drop in weight. The Disc Model weighed 4.5Kgs at launch and the Digital Edition weighed 3.9Kgs.

At the moment it isn’t clear what Sony had done internally to drop the weight of the PS5 console even more. Reports previously claimed that the company would work on implementing a 6nm SoC into the PS5 which would require fewer components to make and help them produce more consoles to meet the ever-growing demand. However, until someone tears down the console and takes a look inside, we won’t know if this has actually happened.

It didn’t take long before someone tore open the previous model revision so let’s hope it happens soon.

Source: PSAU

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