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New PS5 Console Variation Uses Substantially Less Power With Smaller Motherboard

The new PS5 console variation has arrived in stores. However, it is tough to get hold of mainly because Australia is the only country with the new stock at the moment. The new PS5 looks the same and doesn’t offer any sort of performance enhancements whatsoever but according to reports, now weighs 200g less than the previous variation which already cut down 300g compared to the launch mode.

YouTuber Austin Evans paid way too much money to overnight ship the new PS5 model into the US to tear it down and see exactly where Sony cut down the internal tech to make it lighter. The new PS5 model can be identified with a ’12’ at the beginning of the model number. It is also known as the 1200 series. The Disc Model is 1202A and the Digital Edition is 1202B.

For the most part, the 1200 series PS5 is exactly the same as the other two models on the market. However, inside the console, there are quite a number of changes.

1200 Series PS5 Console

First off, Sony has tweaked the power consumption on the new 1200 Series PS5 to use around 200W in comparison to the 220W and 230W on the 1100 series and 1000 series. The video details the new 1200 Series PS5 to stabilise its power consumption at 200W while also hitting an average of 53 degrees Celcius. The temperature is the same as in other models although Evans says that the heat is more spread out on the back of the console in comparison to the other models.

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Opening up the 1200 Series PS5, Sony has now included new vents on the inside of the black shell. The original model featured a closed encasing with vacuum holes to cleaning. However, the 1200 Series PS5 adds more holes meaning you can even see inside into the heatsink.

1200 Series PS5 Console

The next change is seen on the SSD enclosure. Sony has completely removed the PCB board on the SSD slot and trimmed down the “green” board you would screw the SSD into. It is now metal. The new PS5 also has a slot where the main fan clips into. It is smaller and takes up less space. You can see the changes in the image below. The middle PS5 is the new version.

The main fan on the new 1200 Series PS5 is also completely different to the other models. While the first two models included more fins on the fan, the new model has a fan which includes fins detached from the hub. However, this doesn’t change how the console operates or cools.

1200 Series PS5 Console

The new 1200 Series PS5 includes a substantially smaller motherboard. In fact, Sony has removed some components from the motherboard and positioned them elsewhere on the console. The antenna is now on the upper shell of the PS5 console near the vents instead of being plugged into the motherboard directly. The heatsink on the new PS5 is also smaller than the 1100 Series.

The motherboard and heatsink reductions make up most of the reduced weight on the 1200 Series PS5. Every component has been moved or tweaked in some way or another. Be it the plastic shell’s new holes or added support pillars to keep the motherboard in place.

1200 Series PS5 Console

At the moment, there’s no proof yet whether or not Sony has tweaked the SoC or is making use of 6nm architecture. We will need to wait for someone brave enough to further tear down their PS5 console. Watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube

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