New PS5 Event Reportedly Set For 12 June 2020

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New PS5 Event Reportedly Set For 12 June 2020

Sony will reportedly host its delayed PS5 event on 12 June 2020. According to inside reports, the company has already set up a new date to host the postponed “Future of Gaming” stream which was meant to take place on 4 June. Last night, the company announced that they will no longer be hosting the stream due to the George Floyd protests taking place in the United States. However, the company did not reveal a replacement date.

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While the new date is unconfirmed at this time, it makes sense that Sony would delay the stream by a week. However, take this rumour with a pinch of salt for now. The source did originate from 4Chan and we know that place is unreliable. According to the said source, Sony will host the PlayStation 5 stream on 12 June 2020. The presentation will last an hour and some media and newspapers have already been made aware of the new date.

The date marks a somewhat big day for gaming. In addition to the so-called PS5 event taking place on the day, EA Games is set to host its EA Play 2020 stream on 12 June too. The Last of Us Part II reviews will also be going live on the day.

Considering past rumours that most PS5 trailers have been ready for weeks now and the developer simply has to “press play” on them, Sony can host this stream whenever they see fit. However, the current unrest in the United States has caused companies to unite against racism and violence. Until things calm down, Sony won’t budge. We will keep you updated once Sony reveals an official new date for the PlayStation 5 stream.

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