New PS5 “Future of Gaming” Event Now Scheduled For 11 June 2020

PS5 Future of Gaming June Event
New PS5 “Future of Gaming” Event Now Scheduled For 11 June 2020

Sony will host its previously-delayed “The Future of Gaming” PS5 June event this week. The company has set the stream to take place on 11 June 2020 at 22:00 SAT / 9pm BST. While Sony has not officially announced the stream yet, a leaked marketing announcement shows the new date and time.

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Sony will most likely announce the stream in the next few days. However, this may still change. The leaked marketing advert appeared on Twitch and featured the same original DualSense Controller sizzle reel but instead of the planned 9 June date, the new date is 11 June.

Originally, we heard reports that Sony was going to host the PS5 “The Future of Gaming” June event on the 12th. However, it seems the date is now on the 11th of June. This marks a week delay due to the George Floyd protests which has gripped the United States.

Be prepared for Thursday evening as Sony is set to showcase its PS5 lineup of games. According to reports, the showcase will reveal some first and third-party games coming to the console. In addition, Sony may reveal the pricing and release date for the PlayStation 5 console. Whatever goes down, it is better than the silence we have had from the company for the most part 2020. For a console that was originally meant to be announced in February, it has been a long wait. We will share everything PlayStation 5 that happens during the show.

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