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New PS5 Firmware Blocks Cronus Zen Cheat Devices

Sony issued a new software update to the PS5 yesterday which added a new equalizer feature to the home screen. With it, you can tweak different sound levels across “supported” audio devices including the new PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds and Pulse Elite headset. The PS5 firmware also came with general bug fixes. However, it seems that Sony has also blocked access to cheat devices on the PS5 too.

According to owners of the Cronus Zen, the latest PS5 firmware no longer detects the device when connected to the console. Prior to the update, the device worked without an issue.

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If you don’t know Cronus is a device which is labelled as a “controller emulator”. Users plug the device in and it allows them to connect a mouse and keyboard to the PS5 and benefit from all the advantages the accessories come with. It also comes with digital tweaks including reduced recoil, macro settings and less latency. In short, the Cronus Zen tricks the PS5 into thinking a controller is being used but in fact, there’s a mouse and keyboard

The company has issued a statement regarding the latest issue brought on by the new PS5 firmware. It says there’s “no timetable| as to when these devices will work properly again. We also don’t know if Sony has intentionally blocked the use of the gadget on the console. But it begs the question – why would the update do anything to the USB port besides block access?

If Sony has blocked the Cronus Zen, then other cheat devices will likely follow including the XIM and ReaSnow S1. Sony is following in Microsoft’s footsteps here. The company began issuing bans on users who were taking advantage of these accessories.

Most gaming companies have also issued fair warnings against users who make use of these devices. You can get banned in games like Call of Duty and Destiny 2. Fortnite players have also previously been banned.

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