New PS5 Patent Reveals Removable Cartridge-Like SSD
Removable cartridge-like SSDs?

We know the PS5 is going to make use of SSDs in some way shape or form but we don’t know how yet. Will they be built into the console and come at an inflated storage and price tag or will we be able to easily remove them as we see fit? Well, it seems the latter could be the case as a new leaked PlayStation 5 patent reveals a cartridge-like device that could possibly be slotted in and out of the console.

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The patent was spotted on Lets Go Digital where the site created 3D render mockups of the blueprint. According to the patent which was filed by PlayStation Senior Art Director Yujin Morisawa, the cartridge-like casing could be used to store SSDs.

The patent shows off a cartridge with 12 pins underneath. It also has a spot for a label and if you ask us, looks like a classic SEGA Saturn game. PSU pointed out that SSDs do have more than 12 pins and actually have 22 in total. 15 for power and 7 for data. However, this mockup patent design could point to a proprietary SSD cartridge design that Sony will make use of for the PS5 including this “12-pin” layout.

This could mean that Sony is working on making your SSD replacement on your PS5 console super easy. You will be able to buy these cartridges, install games on them using your internet or discs, and swap them around if one fills up. This solves the issue of storage space, having to use an external HDD and reinstalling the software on a new internal hard drive. You could, per se start out with a 1TB SSD and buy another a year down the line when it fills up. The games you have installed will remain there and you just pop it into the console’s SSD bay when you want to play them.

Whatever it is, we will have to wait and see how Sony tackles the SSD situation on the PS5. It is expensive hardware but this cartridge method could make it easy for users to upgrade and move about their games with ease.

Sony plans on announcing the PlayStation 5 in early 2020 with a “holiday” 2020 release date. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

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