PS5 Shutdown Animation

New PS5 Update Scraps Console Model Shutdown Animation

Sony has quietly changed the PS5 animation from the system software in the latest update. Instead of seeing your PS5 console model on-screen when putting the console into rest mode and shutting it down, the new animation simply replaces the console model with a strip of lights.

The change was noticed last night when I started shutting down my console. At first, the console sort of glitched out and stuttered a bit before the animation showed up. It then only showed the two strips of white LED lights glowing before fading out.

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The change no doubt comes from uniforming the animation to suit both the phat PS5 and PS5 Slim. You can’t own a PS5 Slim and have the phat console animating its shutting down process now, can you?

The strip of lights makes it easier to showcase the PS5 “family” of consoles as the glowing bars are present on both models. Although, by the look of things, the strips are slightly tighter and closer together on the PS5 Slim. Something you definitely notice on the shutdown animation.

The change comes after Sony’s recent marketing campaign kicked off for the PS5 Slim. The company rolled out its new festive season “Feel it Now on PlayStation 5” campaign which only features the new slimmer console. You can watch the ad down below.

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