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New Redfall Gameplay is Getting Mass Downvoted

Arkane Studios is gearing up the marketing for its upcoming open-world vampire slaying action game, Redfall. Ahead of its launch this May, IGN recently received early access to the game to put together a short gameplay demonstration on its segment, IGN First. However, the internet has not been kind to the gameplay for a few reasons.

Despite garnering generally positive reviews at launch, most Arkane games aren’t marketed the best. Fans complained that the developer’s 2021 shooter, Deathloop, was over-marketed on PlayStation’s shows and felt the game, while great, didn’t get the attention it deserved due to the overwhelming marketing push that only further alienated players. Lightning is striking twice for Arkane as, according to viewers, IGN’s latest gameplay showcase for Redfall doesn’t seem to be doing the game any favours.

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The three-minute gameplay for Redfall shows a fight against one of the game’s tougher vampiric enemies called The Rook. In the gameplay, the media outlet attempts to battle the foe but seemingly makes a lot of mistakes that paints Redfall in a pretty underwhelming light. We’re sure that Redfall will be a solid game but the gameplay video currently sits at 1.5k likes to 19k dislikes.

On a positive note, the gameplay does promise some exciting battles against a variety of unique vampires that could provide tougher challenges than your standard blood-sucking enemies. Gameplay is fast and requires a bit of strategy and teamwork, which is highlighted in the video. Killing blows are also flashy and satisfying.

Unfortunately, most viewers didn’t appreciate the various cuts in the gameplay as well as the slow nature of the fight which involved IGN’s player running away from the action a lot of the time. This could be argued as a tactical retreat but it only serves to break up the flow of the fast-paced action. “When you give your little brother the controller,” reads one comment, while another reads, “That’s like 4 or 5 jumpcuts in a 3 minute video. Truly one of the gameplay of all time.”

Redfall launches on 2 May 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Have a look at the gameplay below and judge for yourself:

Source: IGN

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