New Live-Action Resident Evil Movie Welcome to Raccoon City

New Resident Evil Live-Action Movie in the Works – Report

A new live-action Resident Evil movie is reportedly in the works from the same production company that brought us the 2021 movie, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. The last movie was adapted from the first two Resident Evil games from Capcom, merging both the Spencer Mansion and RCPD stories into one feature. It featured most of the recognisable faces from the franchise including Leon, Jill, Claire, Chris, Wesker and more.

As spotted by a Reddit user, the next live-action Resident Evil movie is currently dubbed as “Umbrella Chronicles”, though it’s anyone’s guess if the title is related to the on-rails PS3 and Nintendo Wii game of the same name. It’s also unknown if this will be a new adaptation or continue the storyline from Welcome to Raccoon City featuring the same cast.

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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City attempted to more faithfully adapt the first two Resident Evil games into a 90-minute live-action movie, promising a much more accurate depiction of the characters and events than the Milla Jovovich-starring franchise. Unfortunately it ended up bombing with both fans and critics, scoring a 30% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 87 reviews and a 5.2/10 on IMDB.

The general consensus from most fans was that the movie, while more faithful in tone and style to the games, simply lacked the strong characterisation or tension of its source material. Criticism was also pointed at its over-stuffed plot that tried to cram two games worth of story into a very short run time. The result was an adaptation that was boring and somehow less exciting than the previous live-action movies.

The movie’s box office performance wasn’t all that impressive either, ending its international run with $42 million earned on a budget of $25 million. That’s hardly the success story that Sony Pictures wanted to immediately greenlight a sequel, though stranger things have happened.

Source: Reddit

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  • Leon 31 May 2023

    Am a fan of Resident Evil . But welcome to Raccoon City , was the worst film I have ever seen , 90% of the characters did not resemble there CGI gaming characters , which is a put off , like a ugly women asking you out on a date.
    ONE scene in particular , and from that scene alone , it proves the director of WTRC is hopeless.
    Leon is in the police station with headphones on sleeping and 18 wheeler truck crashes out the front sliding on the concrete , YES anyone would hear the crash , the vibrations on the grown.

    This new film WILL NOT deliver a correct Resident Evil film , to be honest they have NEVER delivered a correct
    Resident Evil movie ( Perhaps Capcom with there CGI version ) . When is comes is how a Resident Evil movie should be made, They do the exact opposite of what should be done, and they do it on purpose .

    RESIDENT EVIL in the MANSION , Slowwwwwww , creepy , horror atmosphere , ISOLATION , Puzzles.

    With generally CHRIS and JILL as the only main characters , will Barry and Wesker someone and Bravo Team members scattered around , beginning exactly where Bravo teams helicopter crashers.

    How F***ing hard is it ?? for the 8th !!!!!!! Live Action Film .

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