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New Reverse RPG Lets You Hunt Adventurers as a Dungeon Monster

There’s something awesome about flipping expectations in gaming, especially when you step into the shoes of a villain instead of a hero for once. We got the thrill of that power fantasy with 2020’s Maneater and now, there’s a new reverse RPG inspired by Skyrim called Monsters Domain that allows you to play as the misunderstood dungeon monster and hunt down dumb adventurers.

As covered by GamesRadar, Monsters Domain is a new RPG from developer G-DEVS that puts players in the mouldy shoes or spiked feet of a dungeon monster where you’re tasked with collecting treasures and loot from heroic adventurers who dare enter your domain. Clearly inspired by the likes of Skyrim or Warhammer: Vermintide, Monsters Domain plays out from a first-person perspective featuring melee combat, ranged weapons, magic and some fire-breathing action when you assume control of a dragon.

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The purpose of Monsters Domain seems to be luring aspiring adventurers into your domain to kill them and horde their treasures and gear, which can then be equipped for yourself. It’s an interesting concept that should draw players in for its crazy premise alone.

The official description for Monsters Domain reads:

“Defend the Monsters’ Domain. Kill heroes and collect their treasures. Play the Monsters’ side and loot foolish warriors who dare to explore your realm. Build up your forces, upgrade them and equip them with better weapons, skills and tricks to lure and kill even more shiny forces of the light.”

Monsters Domain is currently scheduled to launch sometime in Q3 2023 and seems to only be available on PC via Steam for now. Visit the game’s Steam page if you want to pre-order the game or try out the prologue, which is currently free.

Check out the trailer for Monsters Domain below:

Source: GamesRadar

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