THQ Nordic has been working hard to bring back its gaming business from the grave after the company closed its doors in December of 2012. Since its trademark was acquired by Nordic Games, the publisher has been picking up studios and pumping out games like nobodies business.

The latest THQ Nordic report claims a new Saints Row game is currently in development and sheds some light on other IPs we have been longing for.

According to the report, Volition is “deep in development” with a brand-new Saints Row game and will be the first entry in the series since Saints Row: Gat out of Hell was released in 2015.

The report also touches on Dead Island 2 which has been in development hell since 2013. Dambuster Studios, the same team that worked on Homefront: The Revolution has taken over development of the zombie game.

Dead Island 2

THQ also shared TimeSplitters news which according to the report claims Steve Ellis, the original creator of the series has joined the team to help develop the title. It is not clear whether or not this new TimeSplitters game will be a sequel or a reboot yet.

Fishlabs, another studio under THQ is apparently working on a new IP as well as a couple of unannounced projects. THQ also shared the news that the publisher has acquired Gunfire Games, the studio behind the Darksiders series, Goodbye Kansas Game Invest, and Milestone s.r.l.

Clearly, THQ has an agenda to revive old and well-known games by acquiring smaller studios to develop these titles. The publisher is doing very well with some upcoming key titles including Darksiders: Genesis, Destroy All Humans!, and SpongeBob – Battle for Bikini Bottom all leading the charge in the coming months.


As for Dead Island 2 and the new Saints Row, we will most likely see more of these two new titles in the next year or so. Hopefully, Dead Island 2 will release to some praise given the Dambuster’s weak entry into the Homefront series they solely developed.

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