EA Games just released a new patch to add ladders into the Sims 4. However, things are not going as planned. According to gamers on Reddit, since the latest update, their Sims 4 characters are able to pee fire. Now, this would be an issue if it was not for the new firefighter NPCs that also arrived in the patch. Thankfully, they can help put out these fires that are starting due to the pee. However, they are not very good at their job either.

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Reddit is ablaze (sorry, I just had t0) with gamers posting their hilarious Sims 4 fire pee stories.  One post showed off two firefighters, who were meant to be putting out the fire caused by pee, dancing together instead of working. Other posts show Sims character peeing fire and causing havoc in the game.

No to mention that the new ladder feature, which was meant to be a great new addition to the game, is also buggy. A clip below shows why;

Unfortunately, for many out there this latest patch, while bringing some entertaining bugs along with it, is also causing havoc on save files. Users are reporting crashes which are causing user save files to be corrupt. This resulting in dozens of hours of work being peed away into the toilet bowl. Maxis is aware of all the issues in the latest patch. In addition, the team claims to be working on a fix which will roll out soon.

In the meantime, back your save up as much as possible. Get a fire extinguisher and don’t build any ladders. You can track the progress of the fix over on the official Sims 4 blog. The developers are dealing with the Sims 4 fire pee issue there.

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