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New Skull and Bones Leak Details PvP, Endgame Content and More – Report

A new Skull and Bones leak has hit the internet and this time, it has detailed some apparent changes coming to the game based on feedback from the last beta. While a lot of complaints raised by testers from the previous beta have been improved, there are also some controversial changes and additions that could potentially upset players, including those trying to avoid PvP. We also got some information regarding how endgame content will work.

Reddit user Shaolinfantastic864, who claims to have inside information on Skull and Bones, recently posted a lengthy thread detailing all the new gameplay changes and tweaks. We won’t post everything in detail but we’ll do our best to summarise the leak.

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The leaker claims that a lot of this information is likely locked in as the release date is only a couple of months away, assuring that we likely won’t see any extreme changes. “Difficulty: this was a big concern last beta. Trust me, it’s been remedied!” said the leaker. “There is a lot of difficult content in-game now, and previous content very much buffed. Maybe even too much.” They added that it’s not necessarily a bad thing as it adds some much-needed challenge to things like plundering forts and mega-forts.

Something called ‘Smuggler’s Den’ will, from our understanding, allow players to make pieces of 8 before endgame begins. The leaker says that it may take a week to get one cannon, suggesting that it’s quite grindy and won’t be used by many players.

Another divisive feature from the leak is called ‘Cutthroat Cargo’, a PvP mode which apparently contains the game’s best long guns (scurlock chasers) and one unique armour piece. This is one of the many instances where those seeking a pure PvE experience might be left disappointed as solo players will now be forced to engage in PvP if they want the best long guns and armour. The leaker says that this could possibly change before launch.

On that note, the leak claims that there are no dedicated PvP or PvE servers in Skull and Bones. “A lot of PvE equipment comes from PvP-only events,” reads the leak. Apparently a lot of testers are unhappy about this, though Ubisoft could also change it in the coming weeks.

The endgame content is called ‘The Helm’, which seemingly encompasses all post-game activities like Smuggler’s Den and Cutthroat Cargo. Again, the leaker stresses that a lot of PvE content is essentially locked behind these PvP-only adventures. Reading between the lines, it also suggests that Ubisoft will put a lot of emphasis on the endgame, probably in an effort to keep players invested well after the campaign has concluded, with live service elements at the forefront.

The leaker concludes by saying that at this point, there isn’t enough endgame content in Skull and Bones which could hurt its chances of a long shelf life. “I love Skull and Bones big time, but there’s some bad things mixed into it,” said the leak. “And those few bad things could ruin the whole game for some players, especially the PvP parts.”

We’ll just have to wait for the full game’s launch to confirm if any of this information is true. As always, take it with a pinch of salt. There are a lot of additional smaller details we excluded from the article so make sure to read the full leak.

Skull and Bones launches on 16 February 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Reddit

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