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New Sly Cooper Reportedly Being Made by Concrete Genie Studio

A new Sly Cooper game is reportedly in the works by Concrete Genie developer Pixelopus and not Sucker Punch. The new leak suggests that Pixelopus is collaborating with Sony Animation on the rumoured game, though another cartoon project is also in the works.

Xbox Era Podcast host Shpeshal Nick, who has a track record of industry leaks and insider information, recently revealed that his source close to Sony is aware of a new Sly Cooper game in development at Pixelopus. This was also backed by another leaker, AccountNGT, who claimed that the next Sly Cooper isn’t being developed by Sucker Punch.

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Pixelopus was first established as an in-house studio at Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2014. Since then, they’ve worked on the game Entwined and 2019’s Concrete Genie, which gained some attention thanks to its ingenious use of motion controls and visual aesthetic.

The Sly Cooper games were a series of action-adventure titles originally developed by Sucker Punch Productions, and found great success during the PS2 and PS3 era. However, the series dropped off the radar following the release of 2013’s Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The IP has since remained dormant at PlayStation.

If this new report is to be believed, then Pixelopus have been quietly working on the next Sly Cooper game in collaboration with Sony Animation. As with all leaks, we recommend taking this with a pinch of salt until we have confirmation from PlayStation.

Meanwhile, it’s rumoured that Sucker Punch Productions are working on a new Infamous game alongside a possible sequel to Ghost of Tsushima.

Sly Cooper isn’t the only franchise that PlayStation have reportedly been trying to revive. A new Twisted Metal game is rumoured to be in the works at FireSprite, while a new MotorStorm game is also reportedly being developed by Destruction AllStars studio Lucid Games.

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Source: Shpeshal Nick

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