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New Sony Patent Suggests PS5 is Getting a UI Upgrade

A new patent filed by Sony suggests that the PS5 could possibly receive a UI upgrade in the near future. The patent details new features such as Action Cards, an evolution of the current Activity Cards, and more seamless transitioning between applications without having to exit a game entirely.

As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, the Sony patent details big changes and upgrades coming to the current PS5 UI, and possibly future PlayStation consoles as well. The streamlined upgrades will allow for players to open other apps while still being in-game via the non-intrusive Action Cards feature, meaning they won’t need to close the game in order to access other apps like the PlayStation Store, streaming music and more.

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While current PS4 and PS5 users can still access Spotify and have music play over their gaming sessions, this patent suggests that it may require them “to pause the execution of the video game application, switch back to the home page, and select the music streaming icon.”

The patent details the new Action Cards interfaces, which can be accessed via a UI pop-up window over your games. They will allow players to seamlessly transition between applications without closing their current game. So if you’re curious about checking out a deal on the PlayStation Store mid-way through your gaming session, you won’t need to close your game altogether to now browse the store. The PS5 currently has Activity Cards that serve a similar function, though Action Cards seem to provide more options and easier access to apps.

Sony provided a look at the proposed designs for these UI changes too:

Sony PS5 UI Upgrade Patent

Sony PS5 UI Upgrade Patent

Sony PS5 UI Upgrade Patent

It’s unknown when these changes and upgrades will actually be implemented on the PS5, but it lines up with Sony’s philosophy behind keeping the players constantly engaged and in-game without breaking any of that immersion.

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Source: Sony Patent (via PlayStation Lifestyle)

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