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New Starfield Details Reveal Jail System, Pacifist Routes and More

Bethesda recently announced that Starfield went gold and dropped the preload times for Xbox and PC players. To add a bit more to the hype train, the company has now revealed several great details about the anticipated sci-fi RPG including a returning jail system, routes for pacifist players, buying homes on different planets, how many companions there are and much more.

Bethesda recently held a Discord Q&A where it candidly answered plenty of questions from fans that has given us a lot more insight into the game’s mechanics, world and gameplay. Most importantly, Bethesda talked about the implications of doing a full pacifist playthrough, which essentially means completing the game without resorting to violence of any kind. There are numerous details to cover so we’ve summarised them in bullet points below.

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  • Starfield will have a jail system similar to Skyrim. If you’re caught committing a crime, you can either submit and go to jail, pay a fine or go full renegade and attempt to evade the law.
  • Those seeking a full pacifist playthrough might be a bit disappointed. Bethesda mentioned that there’s no guarantee that players will be able to complete every mission in Starfield without harming someone, though the game will have speech checks that allow players to disarm certain situations with the power of persuasion.
  • Bethesda explained that Starfield was inspired by notable sci-fi media, namely Interstellar, Battlestar Galactica, Event Horizon, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Buck Rogers. There’s a large scope of stories in the game that draws inspiration from different sources.
  • The game will include mechs but you can’t really use them. They’re described as “leftovers” from the Colony War and were outlawed when the war ended.
  • One of Starfield‘s traits is called Kid Stuff and if you have the trait, it will enable your parents to look like your custom character. Bethesda experimented on this with Fallout 4, where your son would often resemble your character.
  • Starfield will boost immersion by adding environmental storytelling such as bulletin boards, books lying around and more for players to discover.
  • You can purchase homes in all the major cities in Starfield. Some can be bought with money while others require players to complete specific objectives first.
  • Starfield will contain over 20 companions that you can recruit on your missions. Of course, plenty of them can also be romanced should you choose to take your relationship to the next level.
  • While out exploring planets, players will have the option to build outposts that can mine for resources. You’ll be able to recruit crew members to work at these outposts. You only need to pay them once and can even negotiate prices with speech checks.
  • There are three religions in Starfield: the Sanctum Universum, Enlightened and Great Serpent. There are other existing religions in Starfield‘s universe but the focus will be on these three specific religions. Essentially, the Sanctum Universum believes God exists, the Enlightened are athiests that focus on humanitarian efforts and the Great Serpent house is a mystery.

Starfield launches on 6  September 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Make sure you catch up with the story thanks to Bethesda’s handy timeline of events.

Source: Discord Q&A (via IGN)

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