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New The Callisto Protocol Footage Emerges

Creator of The Callisto Protocol, Glen Schofield, has shared another fresh new look at the upcoming sci-fi horror experience, with new gameplay footage and a discussion of how the story was written. Schofield, the current CEO of Striking Distance studios, discussed the upcoming title in an interview with Game Informer.

The footage showcases more of the game’s dark and breath-taking environments, more of the weapons that we will have at our disposal to dispatch enemies, as well as new ways in which we can use said weapons to rip off body parts.

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The footage does give a stark reminder of the other sci-fi horror that came from the mind of Glen Schofield, but certainly with its own unique twist. Schofield referenced his previous title, Dead Space, when discussing his approach to The Callisto Protocol.

“[With previous title Dead Space], it’s about quality. That’s it. That’s all I’m thinking about. Is that the best thing you can do? That’s normal thinking today. It wasn’t back then in the 2000s. The 2000s were about movie games. Everybody made them, so it was about day and date. Dead Space was this new kind of thinking. It’s about quality. That’s it.

I’m trying to have the same mindset with The Callisto Protocol – make the best game we can, let’s try and hit all of our pillars of the game. It’s got to be scary, tense – everything that we set out to do, let’s just do it.”

The Callisto Protocol was originally going to be set in the PUBG universe as the studio Striking Distance is owned by Krafton, the publisher behind the multiplayer battle royale, PUBG. However, the title has cut ties with the PUBG universe and instead has “its own story and world”. We also got a glimpse of The Callisto Protocol’s gameplay at the Summer Games Fest.

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Source: GameInformer

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