New The Elder Scrolls 6 Details Won’t be Seen Until “Years From Now”

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New The Elder Scrolls 6 Details Won’t be Seen Until “Years From Now”

If you are expecting some sort of news in regards to Bethesda’s upcoming The Elder Scrolls 6 then you may want to calm down. According to Pete Hines, we are still years away from hearing more about the game. In addition, we are even longer away from seeing the game in action. In short, it will be a few years until TES6 becomes a reality.

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In a response tweet to a fan asking about the game making its debut soon, Pete Hines shot down all hopes. Hines replied saying The Elder Scrolls 6 is coming after Starfield. Given that we know very little about the upcoming sci-fi game too, it will be years before we see TES6.

Previous The Elder Scrolls 6 leaks reported that the game was expected to debut in 2022. However, things may still change. We have nothing to go on except for the teaser trailer Bethesda released during its E3 2019 show. It will be a long time before we get to explore a new land in Tamriel.

Luckily, Bethesda is still working on The Elder Scrolls Online which is getting the new Greymoor expansion next month. I spend a lot of time playing the game and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a TES fix.

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