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New Time Crisis Trademark Filed by Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Entertainment has filed a new trademark for Time Crisis. In addition to the popular arcade light gun shooter, Bandai Namco also filed another trademark for Steel Gunner, which was Namco’s first light gun title. It’s unclear if this means that the company is planning a revival of the series.

Time Crisis exploded into popularity when it hit arcades as one of the best light gun shooters of its kind. The last game in the series, Time Crisis 5, was released in arcades in 2015 though didn’t get much international coverage. The last Time Crisis game to appear on consoles was 2010’s Time Crisis: Razing Storm for PS3.

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Additionally, a Steel Gunner trademark was also filed which is rather unique. The game became popular when it was released in arcades all the way back in 1990, which was followed by a sequel soon after. It went dormant for many years, presumably due to Time Crisis‘ surge in popularity.

Of course, the trademarks could just mean that Bandai Namco is renewing the license to retain the IPs and nothing else. It’s standard procedure for many game companies and it doesn’t always mean that a new game or a revival is being planned. In the case of Time Crisis, despite having a strong presence in arcades, it never really saw major success on home consoles. This is possibly due to the game requiring a light gun peripheral as an additional purchase, whereas arcades already provided them.

Perhaps Bandai Namco is planning to revive these titles and are working on a way to bring Time Crisis back to consoles again. On the other hand, this could be related to a potential Time Crisis 6 being in development, which will likely be limited to arcades. With PSVR 2 coming next year, there’s the possibility that Bandai Namco might also be moving the games to virtual reality.

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