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New Video of PS5 Not-So-Slim Console Surfaces

I think we can put to bed the fact that the leaked PS5 console is definitely not slim. If anything, the hardware looks pretty much the same as your typical PS5 console you have on your gaming unit at home. Sure, the reports claim it is 5cm shorter and without the detachable disc drive, it is thinner than the disc version but the word “slim” here is a far stretch.

A new video has surfaced to put these rumours to bed. The video followed the previous leak which came from Better Way Electronics and showed off a simple photo of the unit. Now, we can get a closer look at this new PS5 console.

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If you watch the clip below you’ll see the unit is very similar to the current PS5 when it comes to size and thickness. This new leaked console does feature a slit across both faceplates and according to the reports, the disc drive you see can also be removed.

This means there are four detachable plates on the new PS5 console. We don’t know if all four can be removed but it would be pretty cool to mix and match them. The top two plates are glossy (get ready for the scratches) while the bottom two are matte. One, of course, takes up the spot of either the disc drive or another plate.

There are also dual USB-C ports on the front. Instead of including a USB A and USB C like current models, the new PS5 console packs two USB C ports. Previously, it was reported that one USB C port would be used for the detachable disc drive. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This unit in the clip also doesn’t seem to be an actual workable console. The USB-C ports are empty in the front which could mean the unit is just a mock shell for display purposes. We also don’t get to see the rear ports either.

If this model is legit, which is likely the case, it does seem that the detachable disc drive is quite a hefty piece of equipment. If you look at the bottom of the console, the disc drive seemingly adds vents and a large bump to the console.

In terms of specifications, it is still too early to tell just how thinner and lighter this PS5 console is. Regardless, it is definitely not a slim console.

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