New Vodacom Data Prices Revealed – Contract Customers Out of Luck

Vodacom Data Costs in South Africa
New Vodacom Data Prices Revealed – Contract Customers Out of Luck

It is 1 April 2020 but this is no joke. Vodacom are dropping data prices and they have released the new set of changes which will come into effect from today. The new Vodacom data prices are nothing fantastic but they are a step in the right direction as the government are trying to make the internet more accessible to the masses.

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The Vodacom data prices come in light of a ruling by the Competition Commissioner who instructed the cellular provider to reduce its overpriced data costs by at least 40%.

Take a look at the new Vodacom data prices;

30-day bundle size New Price Reduction
50 MB R12 40%
150 MB R29 33%
325 MB R55 33%
500 MB R79 21%
1 GB R99 34%
3 GB R229 23%
5 GB R349 14%
10 GB R469 22%
20 GB R699 31%

Still No Feedback on Contract Customers?

Vodacom has yet to announce whether or not these price changes will affect contract customers. Many users have been requesting an answer as the service provider should be reducing contract costs to align the included data prices with these new discounts. However, they have yet to reveal any plan to make this possible.

As soon as we know what the situation is in regards to Vodacom contract customers, we will share the news. For now, if you are a pre-paid customer or top your contract up, the above prices is what you will pay.

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