Microsoft Confirms New Windows 10 Update Reduces Gaming Graphics And Mouse Performance
New Windows 10 Update
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Microsoft recently released a new Windows 10 update. The Windows 10 KB4482887 update brought various upgrades and improvements for PC users who run Windows 10. However, the update also caused some problems for PC gamers, with many users reporting that the update caused graphics and mouse performance problems.

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The new update to Windows 10, which was released on 01 March 2019, includes “quality improvements“, but didn’t introduce any new operating system features. Soon after the release of the update, users started reporting performance problems regarding graphics and mouse usability for some PC games.

Microsoft has now confirmed that the new Windows 10 update causes “degradation” of graphics and mouse performance for some PC games, like Destiny 2.

After installing KB4482887, users may notice graphics and mouse performance degradation with desktop gaming when playing certain games, such as Destiny 2.

Microsoft has reported that it is working on a solution to the issues PC gamers are having with regards to playing certain PC games. Until a new Windows 10 update is released to fix the issues, PC users who are experiencing issues are advised by Microsoft to uninstall the KB4482887 update. Users can then run the version of Windows 10 before the new update to regain graphics and mouse performance for affected PC games.

Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.

As a short-term resolution, users can uninstall KB4482887 to regain performance.

Some other issues that have been experienced when installing the new Windows 10 update include authentication issues with Internet Explorer 11 when multiple users use the same account for multiple logins. Users are encouraged to create separate accounts until Microsoft releases an update to address the authentication issues with Internet Explorer 11 by releasing another update. Some users may also receive an error called “Error 1309” while installing or uninstalling certain types of MSI and MSP files after they’ve installed the new Windows 10 update. Microsoft advises that users can merely ignore the error message.

Have you had any performance issues when playing certain PC games after having installed the new Windows 10 update?






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