Wonder Woman Gameplay Details Leaked

New Wonder Woman Gameplay Details Reportedly Leaked

New details surrounding the upcoming Wonder Woman game from Shadow of Mordor developer Monolith Productions have apparently leaked. The superhero game recently made headlines when it a rumour suggested that it might contain live service elements. However, publisher Warner Bros Games later clarified that it will be a single-player action-adventure title. New details now shine a light on some potential gameplay features.

The leak originates from Shpeshal Nick who has a decent track record of accurate leaks. According to Nick, Wonder Woman‘s visuals are similar to Gotham Knights but “probably better”. Reading between the lines, perhaps the leaker means that the art direction or overall aesthetic of the game will be similar to Gotham Knights with better graphics. Nick adds that it currently runs at 30FPS but the developers are aiming for 60FPS in performance mode.

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Other details state that “you defeat mobs, bosses, mini-bosses, and stuff. There are chests and loot drops like boots, braces, and torso gear with stats (similar to God of War).” This suggests that Wonder Woman might have a gear system where individual pieces of armour can be equipped that usually contain various stats or enhancements.

Traversal as Wonder Woman will supposedly involve jumping, leaping and fast dashing, compared to the movement of games like Crackdown. Additionally, the Lasso of Truth will have multiple functionalities in combat such as wrapping it around enemies to slam them into the ground or even use it in combos. Finally, Nick wonders if the game will have some sort of truth system, one of the character’s key powers.

As with all rumours and reports, we recommend taking all of this with a pinch of salt until we hear or see more of the game. Unfortunately, news is quite scarce on Wonder Woman. Some concept art accidentally leaked back in August but that’s about all the “news” that we’ve gotten so far.

Wonder Woman is currently in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Reddit

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