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New World Becomes Most Popular Game of 2021 and Thousands Still Can’t Get in

Amazon’s new MMO New World has gotten off to a surprisingly big launch, with thousands of players flooding the game. Its popularity only skyrocketed since release thanks to several big streamers playing it, leading to fans leaning towards their favourite streamers’ specific servers. However, despite its explosive launch that has easily placed it as the most popular game of 2021, server issues mean that thousands of players are being left out.

Server queues for New World continue to hit the thousands, as reported by PC Gamer. A couple of days ago, SteamDB revealed that over half a million players were on New World concurrently – a huge milestone that has placed it as not only 2021’s surprise hit but the most popular game launch of the year. Player numbers only continue to escalate today, leading to players having several server issues that are less-than-kind.

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To mitigate the overcrowding issue, Amazon has since released several new servers for New World, but players are still going to servers that they started out on as that’s where their guilds and friends may be playing. On the other hand, streamers like Shroud have chosen specific servers, particularly the US West server Celadon, leading to 823 people joining Celadon too. Due to the servers being crowded, players have reported different experiences with getting into the busy ones, as documented by a Reddit thread. Some have said that they got into packed servers after simply creating their character, while others have waited for up to four hours only to be dropped out of the queue randomly.

Responding to the server issues, Amazon has issued a statement confirming that they’re working on the long queues and adding new worlds for players to jump into:

Despite this, it seems like players are still favouring the busy servers for the reasons mentioned above. However, Amazon is also working on a way for players to start on a quiet server then transfer their character over to a preferred one if that’s where their friends are. Amazon said that this is “coming soon” so players will have to be patient for the time being.

New World continues to gain massive and unprecedented amounts of players by the day and it’s great that Amazon is actively working on giving them a fair experience. If you plan to jump into New World too, be prepared to encounter waiting queues that can range from empty to the thousands easily. At least until Amazon provides fixes for them.

Source: PC Gamer

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