“New World” MMO Created by Amazon Games Gets a May 2020 Release

New World
“New World” MMO Created by Amazon Games Gets a May 2020 Release

Amazon Games will be releasing its first MMO into the world early next year called New World. The open-world game was announced and revealed earlier this year and showcased again during The Game Awards 2019 where it received an official release date for May 2020.

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According to Amazon Games, New World is an open-world MMO set during the 17th century and the “Age of Exploration”. Players will be able to create and craft their perfect character and venture onto an island called Aeternum where they must conquer the land and overcome other players and fierce beasts, undead creatures and monsters. These beasts will be your biggest threat as their main goal is to purge the humans off the island of Aeternum.

New World will feature classic MMO gameplay including a massive open-world to explore, loot to find and a unique empire-building system. Players will also be able to participate in 100-player battles as they take on fortress sieges. Of course, being an MMO, players will be able to join forces with other players and form Companies so you can play either solo or with a group of friends.

The new trailer is not much to go on in terms of gameplay rather, it shows off some fancy CG visuals which probably don’t represent what the game is at all. We will see more of it as we gear up to the launch in May 2020. The game is only planned for a PC release at this time.

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