Xbox Project Scarlett

New Xbox Project Scarlett Details Revealed

Microsoft have finally given us a good look into what their next-generation console offering will be. Considering the Xbox One X has set a pretty high bar, Microsoft has seemingly pulled all the stops with their latest console. The next-generation of Xbox has been dubbed Project Scarlett for now, with a definitive name most likely coming out in the near future.

While we are still a few years away from getting our hands on it, the next-generation Xbox has a lot to look forward to. Xbox says the latest console is built with content creators in mind, with AMD helping Microsoft engineer the silicon within the latest console. AMD will supply the Zen 2 architecture and Navi GPU. This is paired with the fact that Microsoft has chosen to use an SSD to help with the virtual memory. Project Scarlett boasts GDDR6 memory, with Microsoft not giving us any further information as to how much graphical memory is within the console.

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The technical specs were then quickly chucked aside, as Phil Spencer moved on to talking about the games. Microsoft have finally realised that their console is more about the games than the hardware, with Project Scarlett having Halo Infinite as a launch title. 

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Microsoft seems to be taking a different approach with their next console, but it doesn’t mean that they have forgotten to add the necessary horsepower. From the gameplay demonstrations on offer, it would appear that the next Xbox packs more than enough punch. The console is expected to run 120fps and be able to push up to 8K resolution. Whether or not this is true 8K is yet to be determined, but we are sure that Microsoft has some tricks up its sleeve.

While Microsoft are still holding some cards up their sleeves, it goes without saying that Xbox Project Scarlett is, in fact, a force to be reckoned with.

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