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Next BioShock Game Might be Stuck in Development Hell

The next BioShock game is still a bit of an enigma in the gaming world with several conflicting reports about its setting and story. A new report has now helped shed some light on the game’s tumultuous development as it seems like it might be stuck in development hell and may not meet publisher Take-Two’s fiscal year 2025 release window due to a number of factors behind the scenes.

The report comes from a detailed Twitter thread by user Oops Leaks, who seems to have a notable track record of reporting insider information. The thread focuses on the next BioShock game’s development, which has been extremely rocky to say the least. Several reboots in development, under-qualified staff, absence of leadership and a lack of confidence in its ability to perform well financially have all contributed to its messy production.

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The thread first mentions that the next BioShock‘s development was rebooted for a fourth time back in the summer of 2022. Before then, it was in the hands of studio Certain Affinity which started its development as early as 2017. Around this time, development duties were shifted over to a newly formed Cloud Chamber which overhauled the game’s settings from being “parkside” to “twin cities” before finally settling on an antarctic city which is still believed to be the current location.

The leaker describes the game’s work force as being “highly disorganised”, with complications such as the global pandemic impacting its progress. There is also reportedly a very high staff turnover as contract workers’ tasks were then completely redone by less qualified specialists. As it stands, Cloud Chamber apparently has a significant number of employees “without any visible experience” – unusual considering the studio’s requirements of a minimum 3-7 years of work experience for most positions.

The game’s narrative team seemingly faces the biggest challenges as they feel like they have been “unable to write a script worthy of a renowned franchise” over the years. The leaker delivers a bit more positive news, though, as the game’s development has apparently gotten back on track this year. Take-Two recently reapplied for the trademark this March and recently projected that it’s still planning to ship the game in its fiscal year 2025 (April 2024 – March 2025).

The leaker issued a final message about the next BioShock‘s development, stating that it’s a mess and may not be revealed this summer:

“But this does not change the fact that the next Bioshock game is in a circle of limbos. If it won’t be announced this summer, it’s most likely facing a total clusterfuck and has zero chances being released at FY2025 as initially planned. Poor management, uncertainty about financial success, and questionable staff decisions are the reasons why the development of this game is going so difficult and taking so long. Lack of any significant updates or announcements only creates more confusion about the game’s future.”

As with all rumours and reports, take this one with a pinch of salt for now until we have some concrete information.

Source: Oops Leaks

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