BioShock Delayed Development Issues Cloud Chamber

Next BioShock Reportedly Delayed Due to Development Issues

The next BioShock game is reportedly delayed, at least internally, according to a leaker who claims to have inside information on the matter. Developer Cloud Chamber apparently lost around 40 staff members during the game’s development, leading to some development issues behind closed doors.

Reported by Oops Leaks, the next BioShock game has been pushed back to an expected release by the end of 2024 due to staff ‘restructures’ at Cloud Chamber. Apparently, 2K is not satisfied with the game’s results and pace.

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The leaker goes on to claim that around 40 staff members, some even in leadership roles, had left Cloud Chamber over the years. Some were fired, while others left of their own volition. However, the project is not in “development hell” either, but rather going through a slight restructuring.

Oops Leaks’ report on BioShock‘s status reads:

“New Bioshock have development issues. The company lost about 40 employees, including leads. According to my info, 2K is not satisfied with the project’s results and pace. However, judging by T2’s recent financial report, the game is still planned to be released by the end of 2024.

I’ve been told that some left on their own, some were fired for various reasons, nevertheless it’s not a ‘development hell’ but rather a ‘slight restructuring’. The studio has already started hiring new employees. It is likely that the announcement date may shift for this reason.”

Take-Two Interactive confirmed in a financial report that the next BioShock is still planned to be released by the end of 2024, though previous reports suggested that it could’ve arrived sooner (the infamous Nvidia GeForce Now leak, which has been highly accurate so far, lists a 2022 release window on the project). The current staff restructuring situation at Cloud Chamber has apparently caused this delay to happen.

As with all rumours, take this with a pinch of salt since this information has not been corroborated by 2K, Take-Two or Cloud Chamber. If the rumour is true, then we’ll only hear about this next BioShock at a later stage.

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Source: Oops Leaks

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