Next-Gen Ford Ranger Raptor Set For 22 February Reveal

"The most advanced Ranger Raptor yet."

NextGen Ford Ranger Raptor
Next-Gen Ford Ranger Raptor Set For 22 February Reveal

Ford is almost ready to fully unveil its highly anticipated Next-Gen Ford Ranger Raptor. The company says that the new vehicle will be announced on 22 February during a special global event reveal.

Users interested in checking out the full announcement, which is expected to play host to all the technical details as well as features, can tune into the event on 22 February at 9 am CAT on the Facebook and YouTube channel.

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Ford says the new Ranger Raptor has been engineered with smarter controlling technology and next-generation hardware to create the most advanced Ranger Raptor yet.

The company released a short teaser video for the vehicle. Being a teaser, you don’t really get to see much. It has been filmed to hide most of the car away from view. There’s a lot of dust in the way and the car is wrapped in a shell so you can’t actually see what it looks like. However, if you look closely, you can see the iconic new C-shaped LED lights which are now a feature across the entire Ranger lineup.

Make sure to stay tuned to the Ford South Africa Facebook page here and the YouTube page here for updates. You can also sign-up for more information on the vehicle over on the official site here. While you’re at it, catch up on the flagship Ford Ranger announcement here. Ford’s next-gen Ranger is expected to release sometime this year in SA.

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