18% Of Developers Working on Next-Gen Games
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According to a recent report, over 18% of developers are currently working on next-gen games. The report comes from GDC’s State of the Game Industry 2019 (PDF) data which ran a poll for over 4,000 developers.

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The idea of the poll was to get a better understanding of what developers are working on and what they are up to around the world. Of which, 16 percent of developers said they are working on games for both current gen and “unannounced platforms” while the other 2 percent said they are working on games exclusively for these unannounced platforms.

46 percent of developers are working on titles for current platforms and the rest said they are not sure at this time. Probably meaning they are in development without an idea on what platforms they are releasing on.

The numbers are low but you have to keep in mind that next-gen dev kits are most likely hard to come and costly which leaves a lot of developers without the ability to jump on the next-gen development train just yet. Sony and Microsoft are most likely being extremely strict with who they issue dev kits to which could be affecting the numbers.

The report also revealed that 45 percent of all developers cited the Nintendo Switch as a platform they are interested in working on.

These numbers will surely increase in the coming year or two as next-gen is reportedly meant to arrive in 2020. 






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