PS5 and Xbox Series X Next-Gen GPU and Memory Specs Leak

New information for the two upcoming next-gen consoles has leaked including the GPU and RAM specs for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. According to a lengthy report from Digital Foundry, the PS5 will feature a 9.2 teraflop GPU and GDDR6 RAM which is on par with AMD’s RX 5700 Navi cards. Digital Foundry claims these specs, even though unconfirmed, allows the PS5 GPU to feature 36 custom Navi compute units at 2000MHz.

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When putting this into perspective, the PS4 featured a max of 1.84 teraflops of GPU power and 911MHz of computing units. The PS5 is sitting at 9.2 teraflops and 2000MHz.

The spec report also details the PS5 GPU’s ability to switch between three modes in order to support backwards compatibility across PS4 and PS4 Pro titles. The “gen 2” mode will run the console at max power and render PS5 games while the “gen 1” and “gen 0” modes will then use the PS4 amount of resources in order to play current-gen games. The “gen 1” mode will lower the clock speed to 911MHz, 36 compute units, 218GB/s of memory bandwidth and 64 ROPs – the same as the PS4 Pro.

PS5 (Unconfirmed)PlayStation 4 ProPlayStation 4
CPUEight Zen 2 Cores with SMT – clocks undisclosedEight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.1GHzEight Jaguar cores clocked at 1.6GHz
GPU36 custom Navi compute units at 2000MHz36 custom GCN compute units at 911MHz18 GCN compute units at 800MHz
MemoryGDDR6 at 448GB/s (Possibly 512GB/s) – capacity undisclosed8GB GDDR5 at 218GB/s8GB GDDR5 at 176GB/s

via Eurogamer

According to previous speculation, the Xbox Series X will be capable of targeting 12 teraflops of GPU power which according to Digital Foundry will mean the console will cost a load more than the PS5.

Meanwhile, the PS5 spec outlined in the leak points toward a device with more of a balance between price and performance,” DF’s Richard Leadbetter writes. “Assuming we’re looking at a not implausible 16GB of GDDR6 and a 1TB SSD, this is still an expensive-looking device – but stacked up against the monstrous Xbox Series X, it obviously stands more of a chance of hitting the magic $399 launch price-point.

Digital Foundry

Industry speculation points to a price point of $399 for the PS5 and up to $600 for the Xbox Series X. This will be mainly due to the GPU cost inside the next-gen consoles.

Xbox Series X (Unconfirmed)Xbox One XXbox One/ Xbox One S
CPUEight Zen 2 Cores with SMT – clocks undisclosedEight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.3GHzEight Jaguar cores clocked at 1.75GHz
GPU56 custom Navi compute units at approx 1700MHz40 custom GCN compute units at 1172MHz12 GCN compute units at 853MHz/914MHz (S)
MemoryGDDR6 at 560GB/s – capacity undisclosed12GB GDDR5 at 326GB/s8GB DDR3 at 68GB/s (Plus ESRAM)

via Eurogamer

Of course, none of this has been confirmed as of yet. We will have to wait for Sony and Microsoft to officially announce the specs of its next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles before judging their capabilities. One thing is for sure, the hardware is going to be a massive step up from what we are used to now.

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