Next-Gen Xbox Consoles Reportedly Codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart
Xbox Summer Game Fest Next-Gen Xbox Consoles
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According to reports, Microsoft is working on not one but two new gaming consoles to debut in Holiday 2020. The two consoles are called “Anaconda” and “Lockhart”. ‘

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Windows Central reports that Microsoft is prepping two next-gen consoles, one of them being more affordable and possibly without a disc drive. This one will be called Lockhart. The other, named Anaconda, will be a more powerful console that will set gamers but quite a penny for that extra power.

Reports suggest that the Xbox Lockhart could be a beefier version of the Xbox One X and the Anaconda would be much much more powerful providing “cutting-edge console gaming experience”. It could also include an SSD over a standard hard drive and could also double-up as a dev kit at the same time as a console. A while back we reported on Microsoft working on something with the codename “Scarlet” but it seems that Scarlet is the term used for a family of consoles rather than a single device.

The company announced back at E3 this year that they are already working hard on the next Xbox consoles for the future of gaming and everything points to Microsoft developing a range of Xbox experiences which include a streaming cloud box, a disc-less console, an Xbox One X-like next-gen console and the ultimate Xbox gaming device known only known as the Anaconda.

We still have a while until next-gen becomes a thing but the more the months go by, the more we are discovering about the future of console gaming.






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