Next Tomb Raider Game Reveal This Year Crystal Dynamics

Next Tomb Raider Game Will Be Open World and Set in India – Report

The next Tomb Raider game is currently in the works at Crystal Dynamics but details are sparse regarding the anticipated project. A new report has now claimed that, for the first time in the franchise, the game will feature an open world. It will also apparently be set in India.

The rumour originates from V Scooper who usually reports on accurate movie and television news. Taking a detour from the film world, V Scooper’s sources claim that the next Tomb Raider game in development at Crystal Dynamics will feature an open world that takes advantage of Lara Croft’s traversal methods including a motorcycle and parachute. The setting will also apparently be India, a location Lara has visited a number of times in past Tomb Raider games including the original 1996 game and Underworld.

V Scooper goes on to reveal a bit more information such as The Society of Raiders, an organisation unaffiliated with Lara with opposing agendas to the adventurer. “This also relates to a new feature based on recruiting teams and allies to strategically aid you in missions and defeating rivals,” said the leaker. Interestingly, this aligns with a leak from back in 2022 which shed some light on Lara possibly leading a team of tomb raiders. There will also be an emphasis on a new non-lethal combat option.

Finally, the leaker stated that a natural disaster (or “cataclysmic event”) strikes Northern India revealing ancient emperor Ashoka’s ruins and artifacts. It seems like Lara will be racing against The Society of Raiders and other factions to seize control of some powerful relics.

That’s about all the details V Scooper was able to share, though it was enough to pique the curiosity of many fans. An open world approach to the Tomb Raider games is certainly an ambitious idea and one that we’re surprised has taken this long to be fully realised. Despite being featured in numerous action-adventure titles in the genre, India is a location that has never really been given the open world treatment in a major AAA video game before.

As with all rumours, take this with a pinch of salt for now until we get confirmation from Crystal Dynamics.

Source: V Scooper

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