We have something very cool and close to our hearts to share with you guys today called the Nexus Hub COVID-19 Relief Fund. In short, it is a fundraising initiative we have been forced to start in order to get support for the Nexus Hub staff. This COVID-19 situation is terrible and it has affected everyone in more ways than you can imagine.

As you all know, the Nexus Hub is made up of a few divisions including websites, the awesome restaurant, the store, and of course the venue which people love to use for social gatherings, tabletop games and much more. All this is run by the great people behind the scenes. This Nexus Hub COVID-19 Relief fund has been started to help support them due to the lockdown.

Truth be told, most of the Nexus staff get paid through the functions available at the Hub. The store, the rental and event hosting all help support salaries every month. With the lockdown, none of this has been possible due to everything being forced to shut down. This is where you come in. We have come up with great ways in which you can support the staff and the initiative we are running during the lockdown. Best of all, you can win cool things by just helping out.

Nexus COVID-19 Relief Fund

Our Awesome Staff – We have started a GoGetFunding page which allows our community to donate towards staff wages for the duration of the lockdown and thereafter, as nobody really knows the long term effect of this lockdown on our economy, events and there-in the most important aspect of our business, the people that work with us.

All funds raised through this campaign go directly to the staff of Nexus Popular Culture PTY, our retail, the content writers for Nexus Media (Nexushub and Glitched.online) and our events staff. This includes the systems that help sustain them and their jobs during these trying times. The requested 300k aims at providing them financial security for at least 3 months as we recover from the lockdown and its impact on the business.

Please support the staff by donating to our GoGetFunding page here

You can also donate directly to the fund 

via EFT:

  • Account Name: Nexus Popular Culture Pty Ltd
  • Bank: First National Bank
  • Account Number: 62777780183
  • Branch: Northgate
  • Branch code: 256755
  • *IMPORTANT* Reference: Your “Cell Number” + “Name” (in that order)


Or Paypal: 

  • [email protected]
  • *IMPORTANT* Reference: Your “Cell Number” + “Name” (in that order)


and we will add it to the overall campaign and enter you into the competition to win the PS4 20th Anniversary Console!

Retail – While we can’t trade in any form, we are lucky enough to have two options for our retail customers:

  • a)   Exciting competition(s) on the go through Unplugyourself , an initiative supported by the local supplier of tabletop games that aims to support retail stores by offering 3 x R 10 000 worth of game hampers in a draw, for anyhere purchases made from (2020/03-20 to 2020/06/30) with deliveries made, just after lockdown concludes.  Details can be found here 
  • b) We will be launching our digital sales/ voucher system in the very near future for the website and that would help support the web team (s) and their respective platforms. In the interim, you can purchase vouchers [here] and have the codes emailed to you for Xbox Live / PSN / Steam


NEXUS Hub COVID-19 Relief Fund PS4 20th Anniversary Edition

Above all of this, and to help motivate your support, we will as Nexus Hub, be offering the chance to win 1 years’ worth of games (A game a month of your choice) or a limited edition sealed in box PS4 20th Anniversary Edition Console valued at up to R 40 000.

Enter by supporting any of the above causes, especially the GoGetFunding Staff Support Campaign, and you will receive an entry into the draw for every R200 spent at www.nexushub.co.za or donated through the GoGetFunding page. 

You can also head over to the official Nexus Hub COVID-19 Relief Fund page here or simply type glitched.online/COVID19 into your web browser to find out more and read the terms and conditions for the giveaway.

We will be running this Nexus Hub COVID-19 Relief Fund from 17 April 2020 until 30 June 2020.

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