Nexus Hub COVID-19 Relief Fund Update & How to Win a PS4 Console and Games

Nexus COVID19 Relief Fund
Nexus Hub COVID-19 Relief Fund Update & How to Win a PS4 Console and Games

To all the Nexus Hub fans.  As a team, we have always been about our community, as passionate as you about the hobbies you love and as such, we have tried to foster a healthy gaming community that understands we are all part of the same tribe, no matter our differences. Collectively you have helped raise close to R130k through the various means of support. 

Since the start of lockdown and our request for support, many of you have reached out to us to show how much you appreciate who we are, our incredible staff and how important it is to have a place that embodies the passion we all carry, be it the online presence of, and the Nexus Hub venue itself.

While will be re-opening the Nexus Hub on June 1st, the battle for normalcy post this COVID-19 Pandemic will be a long one. We again ask that you show your continued support through this recovery period as we are all unsure of the long term impacts this will have on our collective hobbies, the opportunities for the Nexus Hub and of course the shape of our brand in the future. 

With that said, your continued support of our exciting competition through the Staff Fund Donations, with purchases of over R200 or more through the store and website, have been important in keeping us going. 

There’s still time to support the fund and win a 20th Anniversary PS4 console and games for an entire year. Full competition, terms and conditions as well as donation details can be found here:

And for additional chances at winning, don’t forget about the #PlayAtHome UnplugyourselfZA competition that is currently running as well. You can find out more by visiting our relief fund page here

Lastly, and while there were many of you, we would like to say thanks to some of the first and continued supporters of the Nexus Hub Staff Fund:

In no particular order:

Claire, Tristan, Gert, Elbees, Sean, Deneesher, Janine, Bradley, Marc, Wallace, Grant M, Steven, Franz, Rena, Dominique, Daniel, Reinhardt, Warren, Yudi, Yvelde, Sean, Craig, W Marias, Philip, Bradley, Cinder, Calum, Ryan, Jude, Francois, Doug, Jarred, Rushka, Kirsten, Tony, Wednesday, Donald, Carla, Aiden, Henry, Wenny, Christiaan, David, Leon, Ashley, Samuel, Kyle, Erich, Ricardo, Colin, Aaron, Chris, Jonathan, Grant, Walker, Alex, Stefan, Lloyd, the many many anonymous donors and online purchase supporters.

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